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The Diocese of Austin policies on Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM) requires all paid employees, clergy, religious, seminarians, diocesan employees, parish and Catholic school employees, and adult lay persons and those volunteers who work with youth or vulnerable adults at any parish or diocesan location; or in any ministry, program or organization that serves youth or vulnerable adults in any manner, or functions at a time and place where they are typically present to complete a one-time Application for Ministry (includes a background check) and attend an EIM workshop. 

Becoming EIM Compliant

There are three (3) steps required to become EIM compliant:  1) submit an online EIM application, which 2) generates a confidential, criminal background check, and after submitting application, 3) register online, for an EIM Workshop which teaches participants about boundaries, warning signs, appropriate interactions in our work with minors and vulnerable adults, and how to respond to incidents and reviews diocesan EIM policies.  The application is only submitted one time; the background check is automatically rerun every three years from the date of your application submission and does not require any additional action on your part.  Workshop attendance is required every three years.  

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Please register or login to your EIM account on the Diocese of Austin website to sign up for a workshop. Pre-registration for all workshops (at least 24-hours in advance) is now required.

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All volunteers wear badges to indicate they are a volunteer with Holy Family Catholic School. Once you have completed the EIM workshop, please contact Mrs. Guerra for a new badge or replacement badge, or if you have any questions regarding EIM compliance.