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Our library has close to 20,000 titles in its collection, including both fiction and nonfiction, for grades PreK - 8. Supplementing the non-fiction section are numerous reference sources, including both print and online encyclopedias, as well as Catholic resource materials such as Catholic encyclopedias, Catechism resources, and Saint books.  In addition, the library houses videos and  DVDs for teachers.

Students in grades PreK - 5 come to the library each week during class time, and now there are expanded hours before and after school.  Sixth-grade students have regular access to the library during Study Skills classes.  Seventh and eighth-grade students are welcome to come on their own time, either before or after school.  All students are permitted to visit the library during lunch or before and after school with their parents, in order to check out books, or conduct research.  The library collection is cataloged through Library World.  Students are encouraged to access the online catalog when searching for specific titles or subjects. 

Lectio Reading Program

For the past several years students participate in the Lectio Book Awards at Holy Family Catholic School. Seen as a rite-of-passage, many students in grades 4 – 8 accept the invitation to participate in this high-interest program that encourages avid recreational reading while also providing literary resources that support our faculty in educating the whole child. Excellent fiction and nonfiction books packed with diverse themes, characters, cultures, and high-interest situations compel readers in this critical reading stage of a student’s life.

This program, originally designed by former Holy Family Catholic School librarian Mrs. Alyson Banda in 2016, continues to grow and gain recognition in schools across the country. Our school community embraces this program wholeheartedly. Parents often read along with their students, faculty encourage students to read their favorites, and 3rd graders have been known to read a few titles early before they are old enough to matriculate into the program.

The 20 books change every year, but the contest remains the same.

5 books* — Vote for your favorite Lectio book 
10 books — Vote and Certificate
15 books — Vote, Certificate, and pizza party 
20 books — Vote, Certificate, pizza party, and a medal to mark the success!

*All participants at the 5 book level and above receive recognition at a school Mass.

Lectio books are widely circulated from the Holy Family Library, your public library, and local bookstores. Several teachers make it a point to have Lectio books in their classroom libraries as well. Parents and grandparents have been known to “stuff a few books” in Christmas stockings from this list. You can see the master booklist and learn more about the program by clicking the link below.

Lectio Book Award Program

Guidelines for Participation

The program officially begins at the beginning of the new school year, though many students start reading as soon as the new book list comes out in June. The program wraps up right after Spring Break (a good time to finish off at least one book) when final quizzes and reports are tallied. Through the year, students prove their completion of a book by passing a short quiz or filling out a book report form. Students access all the resources they need and track their progress from an easily accessible Google Classroom. Students visit with the school’s librarian or their English Language Arts teacher for access, or they can use the link below (only registered students will be able to access this link from their school account).

Lectio Google Classroom  



ProQuest is an online database of reputable journal, magazine, and newspaper articles that are ideal for students who are gathering research for a paper or project.  Within ProQuest, Primary Search and Middle Search Plus are specifically appropriate for students in elementary and middle school, respectively.  Students may access ProQuest from home; log-in information can be found on ParentsWeb -> Resource Documents. Please copy and paste the username and the passcode to log in at the link. Username: V734HJS6, Passcode: Gx{Ik{+S7h