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The Music Program at Holy Family Catholic Schools is compromised of Band, Choir, and Orchestra programs. While a primary benefit for students participating in the music program is discovering their musical talent, it also allows students to develop a sense of responsibility, work ethic, and collaboration that is unique to the music classroom. It is highly recommended that students begin participating in choir in fourth grade, and band/orchestra in the sixth grade if interested in music. Beginning to learn music in later years may be challenging due to school and homework loads. 


Liturgical Choir is an extracurricular activity that meets every Wednesday after school for rehearsal. This Choir leads the music for each of our school Masses. Students learn skills for choral singing including unison and in two/three-part harmony. They are offered the opportunity to grow in their faith as prayer leaders through their ministry at weekly school Mass. Experienced singers are invited to audition to be part of the cantor ministry for our school liturgies.

The liturgical choir also hosts a diocesan-wide choir festival for the elementary and middle schools in the Diocese of Austin Catholic School system. This is a non-competitive event at which the schools join together to sing faith-based songs as a large choir, as well as each school having the opportunity to showcase their choir. This event provides the students a chance to spend time with peers from other schools, experience, enhance, and grow their skills by seeing other choirs rehearse/perform under their own directors. It is also a wonderful event that promotes the praise of God in sung prayer, spoken prayer, and the sharing of gifts and talents throughout the day. Over the years the choir has sung at various sporting events including Toros, Spurs, and Harlem Globetrotter games. They have also provided music for the annual Pro-Life Mass, Catholic Charities luncheon, priest luncheons and campus visits, and performances/caroling through neighborhoods and local nursing and assisted living facilities.

Band and Orchestra

Beginning in the sixth grade, Holy Family Catholic School students are offered the opportunity to participate in either beginning band or orchestra. In these beginning classes, students are not expected to have any formal training on their chosen instruments. Throughout the school year, students will learn the fundamental music techniques that will prepare them for their future endeavors in music.

In Beginning Orchestra, students are allowed to learn violin, viola, cello, or double bass. The curriculum focuses on developing music literacy in the students and establishing basic orchestral techniques, such as bowing and correct finger placement.

In Beginning Band, students are allowed to learn the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba, or percussion. The curriculum focuses on developing music literacy in students and fundamental techniques for each instrument.

In seventh and eighth grade, Holy Family Catholic School students move on to advanced band or orchestra. These advanced courses allow seventh and eighth-grade students to collaborate together and perform more complex band or orchestra string literature. Students will also continue to develop their music literacy and their understanding of music theory.

Each year, all Holy Family bands and orchestras perform in two school concerts. We also perform at the annual Catholic School Band and Orchestra Festival that is hosted at St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School. Participating in these music courses is a transformational experience for middle school students.