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President-Principal Model 

In 2013, the Diocese of Austin created a shared governance model between Holy Family Catholic School and St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School. This model ensures that we have two strong schools that work collaboratively to provide a positive Catholic school presence in the north Austin area. While the two schools share a common governance model that primarily involves the administrative and board structure, the two schools have not “merged” as one school. Each school enjoys its unique traditions and particular mission while maintaining their individual relationships with area parishes and feeder schools. For example, Holy Family remains a diocesan regional school serving primarily the seven supporting parishes of St. Albert the Great, St. John Vianney, St. Margaret Mary, St. Mary, Our Lady of the Lake, St. Thomas More, St. Vincent de Paul and St. William. St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School continues as a Diocesan high school serving the Catholic elementary schools of the Diocese of Austin and area families that are seeking a Catholic secondary education.

The President serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the schools and has primary responsibility for finance, facilities, advancement, and long-range strategic planning for the schools. Each school has an appointed Principal, who shares the responsibility of Catholic identity and mission for their school with the President. The Principals are charged with hiring and evaluating the faculty and designated staff, implementing a comprehensive curriculum, supervising instruction, program evaluation, staff development, and implementing programs that meet accreditation requirements.

Board Leadership


CFO Diocese of Austin

Pastor of St. Vincent de Paul

Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Mr. Robert Neill, Director

Mr. Tim Cullen, President


Dr. Brad Bookmyer - Chair

Mrs. Olivette Garcia-Holub - Vice Chair

Mrs. Helen Haman - Secretary

Mrs. Monica Carson - Treasurer


Mr. Mark Dennon

Mr. Carlos Estringel

Mr. Chris Tovar

Strategic Plan

The Holy Family Catholic School Leadership Team and Board of Directors/Advisors understand the importance of strategic planning to address both the tremendous opportunities and challenges that face Holy Family over the next five years. Holy Family Catholic School will be guided by our mission statement, philosophy, and goals, as well as vision and core values to determine the necessary priorities and strategies to achieve identified goals. The Strategic Plan includes measurable goals, benchmarks, and action steps that are realistic and attainable, but challenging. Holy Family’s governance and leadership is a ministry that promotes and protects the responsibilities and rights of the school community. The success of our school mission depends on the key components of effective governance and leadership in planning for the long-term development of the school. We are committed to the principles and practices of excellence, which are essential to ensuring Catholic identity, academic excellence, and the operational vitality of the school. 

We invite you to review our Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023, with current Annual Goals and End of Year Assessments.

View Strategic Plan 2019 - 2023