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The visual arts program has expanded for all grades at Holy Family. Two teachers oversee art curriculums based on the age groups. Together, they give students the ability to learn and understand the elements of art with various periods of art history, artists, and styles, while grasping different art, materials, and techniques. 

I want students to recognize artists, styles and time periods, when they see images in books, on TV or in a museum. ~ Mrs. Quinn

Together, they bring a unique perspective and encourage students to expand their knowledge and creativity in their art classes. Art Technology was added to the 6th Grade elective course. This class gives students the learning experience to draw, sculpt, and paint along with applying the elements of art in class. The use of computer programs was added to their assignments to assist with learning the fundamentals of artistry with software.

When creating, I like to compare the project to living life. You have to be patient, you are always a work in progress. You can mess up, all while creating happy accidents, and this allows your art to be better than what was in your mind. ~ Mrs. Paynter