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Choir of Angels

Choir of Angels (COA) is the school's annual appeal.  It is our first and most important fundraising effort because it is built directly into the school's current operating budget.  Holy Family's financial model is in line with many private schools in the nation. We face the challenge of tuition and fees covering 80-90% of the operating expenses and covering the remaining 10-20% with donations. This is often called the GAP. The annual appeal helps to control tuition increases, making Catholic education affordable to all families in our community. COA gifts are used immediately, having a direct impact on the daily lives of our students.

The school community of Board members, faculty and staff, friends, alumni parents, grandparents, and parents are asked to make a gift to the appeal. This is the most efficient way for our community to support Holy Family. All school families are asked to participate in the full extent they are financially able.  Please join us in reaching 100% participation from the entire school community. You can pledge now and pay later.  COA runs from July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020, in conjunction with the school's fiscal year. Make your pledge during this time and payments can be made at your convenience via a one-time payment or via installment payments. Please make your online donation today or contact the Development Office for other payment methods, FACTS, check, stocks and matching gifts.

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Choir of Angels Frequently Asked Questions

This annual appeal provides essential support for operating costs related to classroom materials and equipment, facility maintenance, special events & programs, technology, staff development, tuition assistance, and salaries.

The costs of educating a child in a Catholic school have increased consistently over the years. We have addressed this concern by charging each family only a portion of what it actually costs to educate their children. This provides an opportunity and a challenge to fill this difference through charitable giving.

We believe that all of our needs are best served in a diverse community, where tuition stays affordable for the most number of families possible. For that reason, the full cost of educating each child is not charged to families but is raised through the generous donations of friends and families of the school. Successful fundraising keeps tuition lower and it has the added benefit of providing possible tax benefits for our donors.

We encourage all friends of Catholic education and families enrolled in our school to consider an annual gift to the Choir of Angels appeal, with each giving as they can. It will take the full support of the community to meet these needs. Please share our brochure to spread the word about the Annual Appeal.

One time gifts and pledges paid over time are the most common, but it may be advantageous to the donor to make a gift of appreciated stock and/or to utilize matching gifts. Make an online donation via credit card or return a printable pledge card to the Development Office. To process other forms of payment or for additional information regarding matching gifts or stock transfers, please contact Alpa Brannam, Director of Development, at or 512.244.4861. 

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Pledge Card 

Many families are employed in area companies that seek to support local nonprofits such as parochial schools. This has the added benefit of doubling or significantly increasing the size of the gift that you make, which increases the benefits that you achieve. Visit the matching gifts database on our website or contact the Development Office at 244-4861.

Yes, if a donor wishes to make a gift of property, insurance or bequest, they should contact the Development Office at 244-4861.

Printable FAQ's are available to share with our community.