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  Name Title Group Contact
Holy Family Admissions Admissions, Holy Family
Susan Ball Ball, Susan Teaching Assistant - K
Theresa Bernhard Bernhard, Theresa Middle School Teacher - Math, Social Justice 5th Grade Writing Teachers
Katie Berry Berry, Katie Learning Support Coordinator
Sr. Teresa Benedicta Block Block, Sr. Teresa Benedicta Middle School Religion Teacher
Mark Bohling Bohling, Mark Athletic Director/PE
Alpa Brannam Brannam, Alpa Gifts and Records Coordinator 512-246-4455
Catherine Brocato Brocato, Catherine 2nd Grade Teacher
Yvonne Burgett Burgett, Yvonne
Lisa Caramanica Caramanica, Lisa Counselor
Christine Carter Carter, Christine Business Manager
Courtney Casey Casey, Courtney 2nd Grade Teacher
Joe Castillo Castillo, Joe PE Teacher
Sarah Chapman Chapman, Sarah Teaching Assistant - Pre-K
Raquel Colom Colom, Raquel MS Spanish
Kelly Cox Cox, Kelly 3rd Grade Teacher
Nancy Cratty Cratty, Nancy Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Meredith Crawford Crawford, Meredith 5th/6th gr Social Sciences 5th Grade Writing Teachers
Lisa Dailey Dailey, Lisa 1st Grade Teacher First Grade Teachers
Silver Garcia Garcia, Silver Director of Facilities
Barbi Guerra Guerra, Barbi Business Services Coordinator
Angelita Guzman Guzman, Angelita School Nurse
Lauren Heaney Heaney, Lauren Classroom Assistant
Kathryn Hennessy Hennessy, Kathryn 1st Grade Teacher First Grade Teachers
Gwen Hilliard Hilliard, Gwen Computer Literacy Teacher
Teresa Hinkel Hinkel, Teresa Assistant Principal 5th Grade Writing Teachers
Natalie Hoelting Hoelting, Natalie Middle School English Teacher 5th Grade Writing Teachers
Toni Houston Houston, Toni 5th Grade Teacher
Danna Kelemen Kelemen, Danna Administrative Assistant to President
Alena Kelly Kelly, Alena Office Assistant
Gina Kerley Kerley, Gina Director of Development 512-246-4455
Mary Jo Kilburn Kilburn, Mary Jo Athletic Director 512-246-4455
Tracy Lake Lake, Tracy Music Teacher
Kelly Laster Laster, Kelly Principal
Emily Lee Lee, Emily
Michelle Lillie Lillie, Michelle 3rd Grade Teacher
Sr. Mary Rita Lumbrezer Lumbrezer, Sr. Mary Rita Kindergarten Teacher
Jeanne Lyman Lyman, Jeanne 4th Grade Teacher
Katherine Mackowski Mackowski, Katherine Director of Communications 512-246-4455
Annie McCauslin McCauslin, Annie Kindergarten Teacher
Philip McKinstry McKinstry, Philip IT Director
Patricia Meriwether Meriwether, Patricia Director of Admission 512-244-4825
April Morley Morley, April 4th Grade Teacher
Michele Nash Nash, Michele Admissions Assistant
Rosa Luz Noguera Noguera, Rosa Luz Spanish Teacher - Elem
Pam Otten Otten, Pam Librarian
Patty Pafumi Pafumi, Patty Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Tiffani Paynter Paynter, Tiffani Art Teacher - 5th-8th Grade
Cameron Phelan Phelan, Cameron Kindergarten Teacher
Michelle Pish Pish, Michelle Music Teacher
Dana Poulos Poulos, Dana Middle School Science Teacher
Angela Quinn Quinn, Angela Teacher 512-246-4455
Theresa Rivera Rivera, Theresa Kindergarten Assistant 512-246-4455
Shari Ruiz Ruiz, Shari 5th Grade Teacher 512-246-4455
Doug Schneider Schneider, Doug Band/Orchestra Director
Gilbert Segura Segura, Gilbert 5th/6th Math Teacher
Rocio Silveyra Silveyra, Rocio Asst. PE Teacher
Lisa Smith Smith, Lisa Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Peggy Stephens Stephens, Peggy Teaching Assistant - 1st Grade
Elizabeth Stratton Stratton, Elizabeth 3rd Grade Teacher
Emily Triggs Triggs, Emily 5th Grade Teacher
Heather Truong Truong, Heather 1st Grade Teacher First Grade Teachers
Monique Urtado Urtado, Monique 2nd Grade Teacher
Joan Wagner Wagner, Joan President
Kelly Walker Walker, Kelly Administrative Assistant to Principal 512-246-4455
Sean Warfield Warfield, Sean Middle School Math Teacher
Carole Youngpeter Youngpeter, Carole Library / Reading Assistant
Terry Zamora Zamora, Terry Teaching Assistant - K