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Age Requirements

To be eligible for enrollment, students must meet the age requirements set forth by the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department (TCCED).  By September 1 of the corresponding year, students must be 4 years of age to enter Pre-Kindergarten, 5 years of age to enter Kindergarten, and 6 years of age to enter First Grade.  No exceptions are made to this rule.

Application Selection

It is important for us to meet the needs of every child we serve. In order to ensure that this happens, we review application information, report cards, test scores, and teacher references to assess proficient academic performance and responsible behavior and self-discipline.  Prospective students will also participate in developmental readiness screening to examine their developmental readiness for entering school that year.

Admissions Priority

Priority in admission is first given to siblings of our current students who wish to enroll.  We make every effort to ensure all children from the same family have placement if available.  Parish membership is the second priority in the admission process.  Parishioners who meet the criteria of their pastors from one of our seven supporting parishes have priority, followed by parishioners from other Catholic parishes and non-Catholic families.

Supporting Parishes

The following seven parishes helped establish the school 20 years ago and continue to support our school financially.  Families who belong to these parishes are given priority enrollment.  The parishes include St. Albert the GreatSt. John VianneySt. Margaret MarySt. Mary Our Lady of the LakeSt. Thomas MoreSt. Vincent de Paul, and St. William.  

Holy Family Catholic School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national/ethnic origin, gender, or physical limitations (given reasonable accommodations) in the administration of its admission policies, educational policies, financial aid program, or other school-administered programs.  Our doors are open to children of all faiths.