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Stewardship is one of the core values of Holy Family Catholic School.  Its foundation exists in scripture, as we are called to share our gifts with others that are in need.  There are opportunities throughout the year for students to participate in the missionary work of the Church.  Service in charity is an important part of the religion program and the overall school experience. Eighth grade students have a project based service learning elective course and, along with the Student Council, they serve as leaders in the community to help coordinate the school-wide activities for all of the students.  The program takes place throughout the year in two school-wide activities, as well as various experiences within the classroom, and classroom activities that support the needy in the Austin area. 

Stewardship is also important within our parent community.  Our school is blessed with exceptional parents that love their children and care deeply for our school.  They support us in many ways, by offering thousands of hours of volunteer service and participating generously in our programs.  In this way, they serve as a model for us and for their children.