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Matthew Pettinato School Endowment Fund

Holy Family Catholic School is pleased to rename the school's Endowment Fund to the Matthew Pettinato School Endowment Fund. This merging of funds recognizes the Pettinato family's long-term support of the school.  These combined funds will allow for a greater impact of tuition assistance in our community.

Matthew Pettinato was enrolled as a student at Holy Family from his kindergarten year through the beginning of his fourth-grade year, or August 26, 2015, when he passed away following a long battle with leukemia.  Matthew was an amazing child who loved helping others, had a keen sense of humor, and deep faith in God.  It was Matthew’s love for his friends and his school that resulted in his parents' desire to establish this fund, in the hope that other students in need could experience the school and community of Holy Family.  Initially, $20,000 was raised from loving friends and family to support this cause.  The combined funds of nearly $200,000 will be dispersed over time, as part of the tuition assistance program at Holy Family.  

Matthew touched the hearts and minds of all of those who knew him.  His classmates and friends experienced deep grief at his loss but were also blessed to experience the faith-filled witness of his twin sister Sarah, and his parents, Chris and Lisa Pettinato.  Matthew will always have a place in the minds and hearts of our school families, faculty, and staff.  

Matthew’s parents have chosen to share a part of his medical history in recognition of his courageous battle and faith-filled journey with leukemia.  Read more here.

To make a gift to this tuition assistance fund please contact Gina Kerley at 512-244-4861.