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Holy Family Catholic School holds firm to the core values which define our identity and culture and are the fundamental beliefs that guide the daily life of the school.




Catholic Identity

Holy Family Catholic School provides experiences and opportunities for students to know God.  Our Catholic expression is embodied in Christian living, faith symbols, and sacramental preparation.  Worship and spirituality are the essence and moral fiber of Holy Family.  The Catholic identity of our school is lived and exemplified by the entire community, students, faculty, and their families, every day.


Faith Formation

The Holy Family Catholic School community strives to foster spiritual growth by modeling the Gospel values of faith, hope, love, community, reconciliation, service, justice, and courage.  Daily prayer and the Good News of Jesus Christ are integrated into the total school community through education and witness.


Academic Excellence

At Holy Family Catholic School, excellence is a way of life. Holy Family offers students the means to receive a comprehensive, well-rounded, education built on traditional foundational knowledge and skills.  This education also includes training in technical and scientific skills, complex communication, collaborative processes, and the Christian ethical formation to use these tools to make a positive contribution to society.


Holy Family Catholic School promotes living Gospel values with a call to action for all students, faculty, and families through their God-given gifts, for the Church and the community.  Holy Family will act as responsible stewards of these gifts with fiscal responsibility in all its activities.  Holy Family must provide students, our most precious responsibility, an environment where they are protected and safe.






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