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Religion Curriculum

Our religion curriculum is written and revised by the Diocese of Austin Religious Education Department, which specifies grade level objectives in religion. A Diocesan approved Called to Protect curriculum is integrated in pre-school through sixth grades, and a Chaste Living curriculum is integrated in upper elementary through middle school religion classrooms. Please see our curriculum page for more details.


Holy Family holds class retreats in 2nd – 8th grade to allow each grade level to step away from their daily routine and grow closer to Christ. Students, faculty, volunteers, and chaperones all enjoy these special days.  

Stewardship & Service

A robust part of our religious studies includes ongoing service projects. Stewardship is one of the four core values of Holy Family. In this way, we guide students to become conscientious, successful members of a global community. Regularly middle school students sponsor school-wide service activities. At least annually each grade-level does some form of community based service. In 2019 the 8th grade Social Justice Class sponsored a school wide food drive to benefit the St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Bank. As a school, we have supported the Jennifer Wilks Foundation, Mobile Loaves and Fishes, the Rice Bowl, and other larger projects. Further each class takes turns providing our weekly school Mass to the community by acting as servers, lectors, ushers, and musicians. Whether it be supporting our greater community monetarily, in service, or with prayer students learn that stewardship is a core value to be practiced and shared.