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Diocese Honors Mark and Margit Dennon

November 14, 2022
By Susan Laielli

Each year, Holy Family Catholic School provides over $600,148 in tuition assistance to school families in order to help students attend our school and grow in their faith. These resources would not be possible without opportunities like the Annual Saints & Scholars, Celebrating Catholic Schools Gala. 

The purpose of this special event is three-fold:
1. Celebrate Catholic education in Central Texas.
2. Honor the "unsung heroes" of our Catholic Schools.
3. Raise funds to support tuition assistance across 20 Catholic Schools in the Diocese.

This year, our Holy Family community is proud to recognize Mark and Margit Dennon for their dedication and commitment to Catholic education. 
Please consider joining us for this year's event and thanking them for their commitment to our school - reserve your
ticket TODAY! We hope to see you there: