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Extended Stay at Home Order

April 01, 2020
By Alpa Brannam

Governor Abbott extended the stay home order through the end of April. As a result, schools are now to remain closed through May 1 and are scheduled to open on May 4. In the meantime, Holy Family will continue distance learning.

Understandably, this is a disappointing, though not surprising, development. We would all prefer to go back to our normal routines. Nevertheless, during this difficult time, we have witnessed Holy Family come together as a community of learning and a community of faith to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, families, faculty, and staff and continue to provide quality instruction. In doing so, we have lifted each other up both in action and prayer to make the transition to online learning as smooth as possible, and we are confident that this Holy Family Spirit will continue help us rise to the challenge. 

We want to thank the entire community for the amazing faith, hope, and love with which you have responded to the current crisis. Thank you to our faculty and staff for their preparation and ongoing work to make online instruction happen. Thank you to our students for their openness to this new process and willingness to participate. And thank you to our parents and families for their ongoing support and prayers. 

As a reminder from Dr. Wagner's March 17th letter, "In the event that your family faces financial difficulties due to work changes, please contact the Business Manager by email."  We want to support our families during this crisis in whatever ways we possibly can.

Please continue to keep Holy Family in your prayers, and continue to offer us your thoughts and suggestions as we persevere on our online learning journey and to prepare our students to shine Christ's light through their actions and lives.