Run With The Angels




Our students, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff and priests are coming together for our 16th annual "fun run" to promote a healthy lifestyle and show their support for Holy Family.  This is the third of our three fundraisers and all proceeds from this event will directly benefit the school and its students.  We need full community support!  See below for the many ways you can get involved and support Holy Family. 

  • Register your student today!!!  All students must be registered to participate.

  • Personalize your page to send to family and friends or send them the RWTA Raffle link. This is the easiest way to meet your goals.

  • Register to run.  Grandparents and parents are welcome to run with their students.

  • Sponsor the event.  There are many opportunities for families and businesses to support the event and increase exposure for their business.

  • Sponsor a faculty/staff member and/or priest.  

  • Volunteer for event day.  

  • Attend the event on Friday, April 5!

Family teams that raise $75 or more by March 29th will receive 2019 RWTA t-shirts for their students.  On event day, students are allowed to wear only their 2019 RWTA t-shirt or a uniform top with appropriate bottoms. Please do not wear past RWTA shirts or spirit wear items. The easiest way to do this is to send your personalized page or sell raffle tickets to family and friends. Either way, simply ask 15 people to sponsor you for $5 or sell 15 raffle tickets and you are there!