PA Events

Through the guidance of the Parent Association, our parent volunteers participate in nine Service Committees and three Fundraising Committees. Each fundraising committee keeps a busy schedule helping to plan all of the different events and activities.  We invite our parents to join us in planning, preparing and executing for these important community events.  For information on how to volunteer please click on the contact info for that particular volunteer opportunity.  There are also many opportunities to cook, shop, create, organize, and sort things on your own time that are extremely big help and perfect for busy schedules!  To find out about these activities, please email the service and fundraising chairs or contact the Parent Association Executive Committee.

Choir of Angels Chris & Lisa Pettinato
Gala - February 23, 2019 Kelli Witt  & Shanalee Sharboneau
Run With The Angels - April 5, 2019 Stacy Brown & Bridget Clark


Service Committee Volunteer Coordinator
Room Parent Coordinator Alicia Derbez & Laurie Canare
Liturgy                       Mike & Monique Urtado,                  Kristen Brown 
Uniform Resale Shannon Vaughn & Nicole Blair
Prayer  Victoria Foyt & Jaydee Perales
Lunch Christian Ryan & Liesl Smaistrla
Staff Appreciation Ellen Miri
Health  Billie Buchert & Clarisse Roquemore 
Morning Supervision Shelly Mikosh
Book Fair/Library  Melissa Madison
Community Partners Allen Christy