Library & Research

Our library has close to 20,000 titles in its collection, including both fiction and nonfiction, for grades PreK - 8. Supplementing the non-fiction section are numerous reference sources, including both print and online encyclopedias, as well as Catholic resource materials such as Catholic encyclopedias, Catechism resources, and Saint books.  In addition, the library houses videos and  DVDs for teachers.

Students in grades PreK - 5 come to the library each week during class time.  Sixth-grade students have regular access to the library during Study Skills classes.  Seventh and eighth-grade students are welcome to come on their own time, either before or after school.  All students are permitted to visit the library during lunch or before and after school with their parents, in order to check out books, take Reading Counts quizzes, or conduct research.  The library collection is cataloged through Library World.  Students are encouraged to access the online catalog when searching for specific titles or subjects. 


ProQuest is an online database of reputable journal, magazine, and newspaper articles that are ideal for students who are gathering research for a paper or project.  Within ProQuest, Primary Search and Middle Search Plus are specifically appropriate for students in elementary and middle school, respectively.  Students may access ProQuest from home; log-in information can be found on ParentsWeb -> Resource Documents. 

Scholastic Reading Counts

Scholastic Reading Counts is a reading program designed to boost a student's love of reading along with their comprehension.  Our school offers the program in grades 2–8 to supplement the classroom literacy program.  After reading a book, the student takes a 10-question quiz to assess their comprehension of the story.  The student gets immediate feedback, and can also rate the book.  Teachers can chart the student's progress and adjust his or her readings accordingly.  We believe that this program helps to continually enhance the overall reading program.  Students may check to see if books have Reading Counts quizzes online.

A Summer Reading List will be distributed at the end of each school year to provide continuity in students' literacy development.  Students are encouraged to visit their public library and to continue reading during the summer months.

Lectio Book Awards

Lectio Book Awards is an optional reading challenge, offered by multiple schools across the Diocese of Austin. The Diocese of Austin selects 20 books annually by librarians for their excellence in quality and student interest.  Students in grades 4-8 are invited to participate in the program.  The program ends on April 25, 2019 when the following prizes will be awarded:

  • 5 books – Vote for your favorite Lectio book
  • 10 books – Certificate
  • 15 books – Pizza Party and Book Giveaways
  • 20 books – Medal

Guidelines for Participation

All Lectio books can be found in the HFCS library, at your public library, or at your local bookstore. All students in grades 4-8 are required to pass a Reading Counts quiz for each book read with a 70% or higher. If there is no Reading Counts quiz, or a student makes below a 70%, a report for that Lectio book must be written and turned in for the book to count towards the student’s final number of completed Lectio books. Summer Reading/Book projects on Lectio may be submitted for credit at the discretion of the Librarian.

If Lectio books are read, but have no documentation for in the form of a quiz (those passing at 70% or above), a report (no Reading Counts quiz or those quizzes that failed below a 70%), or a project (summer or  during school), will not be counted in the student’s total book count, and may result in the student not reaching their anticipated goal. Please review the list of Lectio Award Books.

Lectio Award Book List

Need a written report?

Please find the Lectio Book Award Program report.