Holy Family Catholic School is fully accredited through the Texas Catholic Conference Accreditation Commission, which governs Catholic schools in the state, as recognized by the Texas Education Agency, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  As part of this accreditation system, we meet or exceed all applicable standards and guidelines.  Our accreditation ensures that our mission, philosophy and goals are clearly defined.  Decisions about the essential elements of community life, governance, administration and management, personnel, curriculum, student services and plant and facilities are guided by these accreditation guidelines. 

Our curriculum is based on the state's curriculum standards called the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  As an accredited parochial school in Texas, these standards serve as a guideline for objectives to be covered within specific subjects and grades.  Our school must meet all of these objectives.  We are able to extend or exceed these standards when it seems appropriate.  We do not take the STAAR test, but a nationally standardized test called the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, in first through eighth grades.

Our religion curriculum is guided by the Diocese of Austin Religious Education Guidelines, which specifies grade level objectives in religion.  A Diocesan approved Called to Protect curriculum is integrated in pre-school through sixth grades, and a Chaste Living curriculum is integrated in upper elementary through middle school religion classrooms.